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Getting Started

1. Your Game Profile

When you run Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory for the first time you will be prompted to provide some basic information such as your player name, game resolution, connection speed and more. Once you "Create" your profile you will be taken to the Main Menu where you will be just moments away from stepping on to the battlefield! If more than one player uses your computer, multiple Profiles may be created from the "Profile" section of the Main Menu.

2. The Main Menu

A) Play Online: The in-game server browser will assist you in finding an Enemy Territory server to suit your needs. Be sure that the "Source" option at the top of the screen is set to "Internet" or you will not see any servers unless you are running your own "Local" server, or you have "Favorite" servers saved. The "Source" can be toggled by clicking on it. "Game Type" may also be toggled to choose between the various available game modes, which include: All game types, Objective, Stopwatch, Campaign and Last Man Standing. Servers listed in the game browser can be sorted by Map Name, # of Players, Game Type, Ping, Applied Filters and Favorites by clicking on each column heading. Enable PunkBuster (anti-cheat software), select the server of your choice and then click "Join Server". You're off to the races!

B) Host Game: Through this menu you may choose to run either a "Listen Server" or a "Dedicated Server". A Listen Server will allow you play in the game while also hosting the game. While running a Dedicated Server you will only host a game. Before running either server type, you should be sure that you have the available bandwidth to support the number of players you set your server to allow in the game. You can find out more about bandwidth requirements in the PlanetWolfenstein FAQ.

C) Replays: This is where you will play back any "demos" or "replays" which you have recorded while playing Enemy Territory. Simply select a demo from the scrolling menu and click on the "View" option to watch your replay. You may configure a key to record your replays in the "Options -> Controls" menu.

D) Options: Through this menu you are able to set up and configure the game, your view, controls and system settings.

E) Profile: Add and delete game profiles. This is where you can set up multiple gaming handles if more than one player uses your computer.

F) Credits: See the names of the fine folks whom are responsible for making Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory a reality!

Playing Enemy Territory

1. Joining A Server

This is where things start to get good! Upon joining a server you will arrive at the "Limbo Menu" where you can read the level objectives, select a player class, select a team (or choose to spectate the action in progress), and customize your weapon choice. Once you've joined a team, if you've forgotten any of the level objectives you can check them on the "Command Map" (the "G" key on your keyboard). The Command Map can also be used to locate teammates and check the status of objectives.

2. Game Modes

The various available game modes will determine how the game will be played, and depending on which type of server you joined you will be faced with one of the following mission types:

A) Objective: Instead of playing an entire Campaign, teams will fight and accomplish objectives on single maps. The first team to complete all of their objectives within the time limit wins.

B) Stopwatch: Race against the clock to complete objectives in the shortest time possible. At the end of the round the teams switch sides and must attempt to beat their opponent's time from the previous round.

C) Campaign: Teams compete throughout a series of maps, with Skills and Ranks being carried over to each level of the Campaign. This is the game mode where you get to really watch those hard earned Skills and Ranks build up!

D) Last Man Standing: Deathmatch! In LMS your only objective is to fight to the death. You only have one life, so you may want to stay in healing range of your team's Medics! Once you die you will be able to watch the rest of your team in action.
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About the game
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