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 Class Of The Game FieldOps

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הודעהנושא: Class Of The Game FieldOps   Class Of The Game FieldOps EmptySun Oct 11, 2009 3:07 am

Field Ops Specific Tactics

That's right you're now the man! The only class that can not only call in air and artillery strikes with your trusty smoke canister and binoculars, but you're a walking ammo cache to boot! You'll be carrying a standard weapons loadout of a knife, a pistol (single handed weapon) and a sub machine gun (two handed weapon) into battle, but you're packing much more punch than that with your special abilities, so let's learn how to best use this power without blowing up our own troops.

Since the Field Ops class is a weapon based class, the best spot for a Field Ops under normal circumstances is with someone who is going to be doing little else than trying to decimate as much of the enemy forces as possible, the Soldier Class. The Soldier is the heavy weapons expert and packs the biggest punch, so naturally he'll be chewing up ammo faster than any other class. Either in a support postion of defense or helping pave the way on the attack, a Field Ops is a vital part of keeping the big guns booming with ammo packs-o-plenty.

Now let's talk a bit about the pros and cons of calling in strikes. Since the Artillery Strike is ordered with the binoculars as opposed to the Air Strike, which requires the throwing of a smoke canister to mark the strike location, the Artillery Strike is much more of a long distance weapon. Both strikes must be used outdoors only as a plane or long distance gun battery could not possibly get their shots indoors, and buildings in Enemy Territory are indestructable. Having to take the fight indoors basically cuts the Field Ops options in half, leaving him a lightly armed ammo supply. This class should still be teamed up with a Soldier to keep them happily mowing down enemies both indoors and out.

In general, with the ability to call in major, damaging strikes that can destroy vehicles or groups of enemies, the Field Ops is best used outdoors. Both Air and Artillery strikes require a full power bar to be executed, so you must make your shots count. As you progress in rank, the Field Ops specific skill, "Signals", will allow you to progressivly give more ammo per pack, double the intesity of Strikes and even take less power per strike as well as adding the ability to spot disguised foes. This all stacks up to one class that is best used on the larger areas and possible bottle necks where the enemy must travel in groups.

All of these improvements are used since with great power, the Field Ops also becomes a popular target for Snipers and Covert Ops looking to remove an enemy that can cause such open devastation. Bear this in mind when surveying the area with the limited view area of the binoculars. More than one Artillery Strike has been denied via the sniper's bullet, and this is where his partner the Soldier comes in. When finding positions to cover and hold, the Soldier should be providing support while a strike marker or call is being made. Nobody on the other team is going to want a strike called in, trust me. Pick a safe spot to work your magic from if at all possible.

A big area of interest with a few goals to accomplish will be to cover and support, or cover and destroy an engineer that has something to construct for your team to progress. Using the bridge in the Fuel Dump level as an example, an Allied Field Ops and Soldier combo can provide vital cover to an exposed Engineer who's constructing the bridge, while an Axis Field Ops and Soldier team would be trying to keep the build site under constant fire. A heavy barrage of Artillery fire will pretty much take care of anything in the Wolfenstein world, and I just love simple solutions to life's little problems.

Now go forth and cause mass destruction. Wipe out a machine gun nest with a glance. Detroy thundering tanks with a puff of smoke, but don't forget to keep your buddies stocked with ammo. A bang is better than a click anyday of the week.

Here's how the Field Ops progresses with the class specific "Signals" reward system. This is straight from the Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory manual, and we all read that right?

(Find the game manual in the Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory program group, installed with the game)


This is a Field Ops-specific skill that rewards players for killing enemy players or destroying objectives with Artillery or Air Strikes, and supplying team-mates with ammo packs. Field Ops earn 1XP for giving one of your team's players an Ammo Pack. You'll earn 3XP for every enemy player you kill with an Air Strike, 4XP for killing them with an Artillery Strike and 5XP for destroying an Objective with either.

Signals Level 1: Improved Resources Your proven logistical efficiency is rewarded by access to Improved Resources. Every Ammo Pack you distribute will contain an extra magazine clip and issuing the Ammo Pack will only deplete your Power Bar by 15% instead of 25%.

Signals Level 2: Improved SignalsYour experience as a fire support observer gains you improved efficiency. Calling in an Artillery or Air Strike uses up only 2/3 of your Power Bar, allowing you to call in fire support more frequently than before.

Signals Level 3: Improved Air and Ground Support Your expertise in identifying key enemy targets is rewarded by diverting more fire support resources to your designated targets. Each Air Strike now has two aircraft incoming and each Artillery Strike lasts twice as long.

Signals Level 4: Enemy RecognitionYour observational skill and battlefield experience now means that you can identify disguised enemy Covert Ops. Placing your cross-hairs over an Enemy infiltrator will result in a Disguised Enemy prompt and their location will be highlighted on your team's Command Map.
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נעול ! יפה
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בעיברית ?
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Class Of The Game FieldOps
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