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 Map GoldRush

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Gold Rush

Maybe the best map of the group, "Gold Rush" is a tense affair set in the narrow streets of a North Africa village. The Allies need to first commandeer a tank and drive it along a preset path, using Engineers to blow up any barricades that may be in their way. You don't actually "drive" the tank; it will move on its own whenever an Allied player stands next to it.

Once the tank has arrived at its final destination in a lower courtyard, it will blow a hole in a side of a bank, where the Allies need to steal two crates of gold, load them onto a truck, and drive it back to their initial spawn point.

Adding to the difficulty: at any point, the Axis can damage the tank or the truck, requiring repairs before either can continue moving. The courtyard where the truck is located happens to be right outside an Axis spawn point, so the task of getting the gold out to the truck and driving off to victory is no mean feat.

Allies: There's no complex strategy to this map; you simply need to work as a team. Don't get sidetracked fixing the truck or blowing up truck barricades until you've taken control of the tank and gotten it down to the lower courtyard.

- Stealing the tank can be tough, as the Axis initially spawn in right next to the tank and will often call in airstrikes to the approaching area. Use airstrikes of your own to soften Axis defenses, and then rush your Engineers in to fix the tank and get it moving ... which will claim that spawn point for the Allies. If it takes longer than five minutes to take the tank, you're in trouble.

- Once you have the area under control, have an Engineer take control of the command post. Since it's right outside the Allied spawn point, you should be able to easily control this post for the remainder of the map.

- As you first begin moving the tank, send in a few Engineers to blow the first tank barricade (assuming it has been built by the Axis). You should be able to provide solid cover with the Jagdpanther's assault gun.

- The escort down to the lower courtyard only gets tougher as you get further away from your spawn point. If you can get a hold of the two mounted MG42s in the lower courtyards, you'll be in good shape, as they overlook most of the exits from the Axis spawn point.

- A key moment is when the tank arrives at the location of the second barricade. If it has been built, the Jagdpanther's gun is fantastic for clearing out Axis players, and combined with the MG42, should provide cover for your engineer to plant dynamite and destroy the barricade. I've noticed that you can often tell how a match is going by how much time is left when the Allies break into the bank. Breaking into the bank in 10 minutes is a good sign; 15 means you're in for a fight, and 20 minutes means you're in trouble.

- Once you've broken into the bank, odds are the entire Axis team will set up shop inside, and getting in and out with the gold will not be easy. Take control of the MG42 overlooking the courtyard to take care of any Axis that may wander out, and then send in a few other soldiers to fight for the bank. A Panzerfaust blast and a few grenades may soften things up enough to steal a crate, and having a medic or two nearby isn't a bad idea, either.

- When you've secured both crates on the truck, send in an Engineer to repair it and get it moving. Odds are, Axis players will come rushing out and straight up the hill; a Soldier camping near the first truck barricade with a mobile MG42 can rack up tons of kills in no time. After this, it should be relatively smooth sailing the rest of the way to the exit.

Axis: Like the Allies, the worst thing you can do on this map is scramble around. Concentrate all your energy on defending one spot at a time.

- The initial goal should be to retain control of the tank and the forward spawn point for as long as possible. As long as everyone stays in the tank area, you should be able to keep Engineers at bay for a while. Call in airstrikes, build your command post and hold your position for as long as you can.

- One exception: one Engineer should build the two tank barricades ASAP; the first barricade is especially hard to build once the Allies have the tank and rush the area.

- After the Allies have taken the tank, the Axis respawn in a lower courtyard. Control both MG42s overlooking the area, and mining both barricades will slow the Allies down. Use airstrikes and Panzerfaust blasts to damage the tank, and then rush in to protect it so no Engineers can fix it.

- A crucial moment in this map occurs when the tank arrives at the lower barricade. the Axis need to OWN this area, especially right behind the tank. Protect this area vigorously so the Allies can't blow up the barricade or fix the tank.

- Once the tank passes the second barricade, don't wait for the tank to blow open the bank -- get to the rear entrance ASAP, and once the bank is open, the entire Axis team should collapse around it. You should have soldiers in every corner of the room, and definitely a few mobile MG42s. If the Allies get both gold crates more than 5 minutes left, you're basically screwed.

- If time is winding down and the Allies are driving away with the gold, you may be able to steal a few seconds by hitting the truck with a rocket, and then send in a few players with flamethrowers to protect it. But let's be honest: if the Allies have gotten this far, they're eventually going to get the truck moving again. Your only hope is that time will run out ... or you'll have to try and do better on the Central Europe maps.
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Map GoldRush
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