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 Map Radar!!!

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Wьrzburg Radar

Set in the mountains, the Allies' task here is to break into an Axis base and steal the circuit boards from two new radar dishes for analysis. Each of the boards sits underneath a radar dish in plain sight in the Axis courtyard.

The main entrance to the Axis base will need to be demolished by an Engineer, a task made easier once the Allies have claimed a forward bunker. There's also a side bunker to the east with a command post that can be blown open by an Engineer, which allows a slightly sneakier approach.

Once a circuit board has been taken, the Allies need to secure it to a truck waiting just outside the Axis base (near the forward bunker). This is no mean feat, as the Axis yard is fairly open and loaded with sniping spots, and escape can be extremely difficult.

Allies: First things first: take the forward bunker immediately. You'll need all the time you've got to retrieve both sets of radar parts, so don't waste time fighting over the forward bunker -- take it forcefully and decisively.

- The only exception: you might want to send one or two Engineers to the side bunker ASAP, so they can blow up the door before any Axis arrive there. If you time things correctly, you could potentially steal a set of radar parts and arrive at the front entrance just as the rest of your team is blowing it open.

- Once the forward bunker is taken, the Allies' best chance of success is to split the Axis defenses. The Axis can protect the front entrance all day, so make sure you maintain a hold on the side bunker. From here, it's a lot easier to get to the East parts if you go around the back of the garage; you'll often find Axis soldiers waiting in the grass with their backs turned to you.

- Similarly, you'll probably encounter less resistance getting to the West parts if you go the long way behind the garage and the main Axis building. Use your sprint ability only where you need to, and rest a few seconds before grabbing the part; odds are, a few soldiers are fighting it out at the front entrance, and when the moment is right, you can grab the part and make a burst for the main entrance and the truck.

- Of course, you don't want to leave the main entrance completely empty; two or three soldiers, at least one mobile MG42, and continued airstrikes should help keep things clear.

Axis: Your first objective is to hold the forward base, including the junction outside that leads to the side base. Holding this area can keep the Allies off balance indefinitely ... and keep them from going after the radar parts.

- Even if you lose the forward base, you can put a major crimp in the Allied assault by maintaining control of the side base. Send an Engineer and a few soldiers to watch over the entrance to make sure the Allies don't blow it open. Unless the Allies send an entire squad of Engineers, laying a few landmines should stall their progress on the side base greatly. Retaining this base allows the rest of your team to concentrate on guarding the main entrance -- and you can defend that entrance all day if necessary.

- Once the main entrance is blown open, playing defense comes down to positioning. The three key points you want to defend are the main entrance, and the two radar parts. Thankfully, the yard offers a few prime spots to cover multiple areas at once, including a guard tower and a window overlooking the yard.

- If someone manages to grab a set of parts, don't panic and start scrambling around; maintain your defensive positions. There are only two ways in and out of the Axis base, and by now, you should have them well-covered. If you were watching over a stolen part, get to the front entrance and try to ambush the thief when he attempts to secure the part to the truck.
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Map Radar!!!
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